Knockout Phase

On this page we give the results from the second round — i.e. the games that already have been played. We also give the probability for home and away in the games where the contestants are decided, but the games are still not played. Remember that these games cannot result in a draw.

The text NA (“not available”), in a space in the table, tells that the information to be put there is not yet available.

A game that has been settled after ordinary time will have resulting numbers in the spaces for full time in the table, but NA in the spaces for after extra time and penalties.

A game settled after extra time will give numbers in the spaces for ordinary time and after extra time, but NA in the space for penalties.

A game settled after a penalty game give numbers in all spaces in the table (i.e. for ordinary time, extra time, and penalties).

We use the following abbrevations: a.o.t. – after ordinary time, a.e.t. – after extra time and a.p.s. – after penalty shoot-out.

Round of 16




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